Download Songily for Android

Are you a music freak looking for an app that will provide you the best music of all times along with the remixes, instrumentals, and covers of the original music? You are at the right place then. In this article, we are sharing with you the SONGily Apk for Android that will help you download all sort of mp3 music on your Android device.

What is SONGily Apk for Android?

SONGily is an app which is an MP3 Downloader. Through this app you can get yourself the best music, remixes, and covers of original music albums.

Searching any music or song over this app is very convenient and time-saving and hence one of the most reliable and best mp3 music downloader apps.

You will find SONGily over the Google Play Store but there are some sort of membership requisite to install this app over Google Play. that turns inconvenient for many. So to help you all we have mentioned the free SONGily version below.

In this article we have provided the SONGily free version which is an apk file that supports ads but also has a huge library of music of all kinds like Covers, remixes, instrumental, etc. You can either play or download songs over this apk and also download videos.

So what is it that you are still waiting for? Scroll down to download SONGily.

SONGily Apk Download

Given below is the download link to SONGily apk for android download. Click on the link given below to enjoy SONGily MP3 Music.

  • App name - SONGily 
  • App size -  3.7 MB
  • App version - 2.1.0
  • Android Compatibility - Android v4.0.3 and above
  • Last Updated - 10.05.2016

How to install SONGily Apk for Android?

Below is the step-by-step guide on How to install SONGily for Android.

Step 1. Enable Unknown Sources Option from the Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources Toggle.

Step 2. Download SONGily Apk for Android from the download link given above.

Step 3. Go to the location where you saved the file, once it gets downloaded.

Step 4. When you open the file, click on the Install Button.

You are done here. Soon the installation process will begin. Be patient until then. Once it is completed, you are all set to enjoy SONGily mp3 music.

Songily Apk Features

Given below are a few highlighted features of SONGily APK that you should once have a look through for better understanding of what this app offers you.

  • Vast Library of Music - Over this app, you will find a great variety and a huge library of songs ranging from originals to covers to remixes and so on including instrumentals as well. So you need not worry about what to listen to, everything just pops up.
  • Great Quality - The quality of songs which is one major criteria while choosing a music app, starts from 128 kbps over SONGily. So quality is nowhere compromised here.
  • Download Songs - There comes no obligation to download Songs with subscription you can download it easily. You do not have to play it online and get interrupted if the connections goes down. Simply download it and enjoy in leisure.
  • Strong Inbuilt Player - The development of this app has been done very accurately and powerfully. Users can make this app as the default music player. There is the facility of background playback so you can simply play and song and do other tasks over your device.
  • Download Videos - Not only can you download music and songs over SONGily, but there is one great feature of downloading videos as well. 
  • Create Your Own Playlists - If you are into some particular songs or like to keep a limited gamut for music then creating playlists will help you for sure. That is what SONGily offers to its users through the feature of customizing playlists.
  • Convert Videos Into MP3 Files - One of the most unique features of SONGily apk is that you can actually convert the videos from various sites and sources like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to mp4 and mp3 files!
  • Download In MP3 Format - You can easily download songs in MP3 format.

In-app Permissions required for SONGily apk

Following are the in-app permission that SONGily would need to work on your Android phone-

1. Access Information about the networks.
2. Access to the Vibrator.
3. Write to external storage.
4. Read from External Storage.
5. Open Network sockets.
6. Prevent screen from dimming or the processor from sleeping.

Final Words

That was all about SONGily Apk for Android. I assume you have downloaded and installed this apk on your Android device by now and are enjoying MP3 music over it.

If not, due to any doubts or problem, make sure you right us below so we can help you as soon as possible.

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