5 Best Movie Apps for Android

TV or Movie watching is always the ultimate break way of entertainment for most of the people today in this digitally advanced world. Streaming movies online is the favourite time pass for many. Regardless of what your interest is, movie streaming on PC or on your handheld devices is for sure will be one amongst the list. Besides, streaming movies and TV shows online, people are now downloading the dedicated movie apps on their PC and Smartphone. This is because it gives them the freedom to watch movies for free as per their convenience. There are multitudes of movie apps for Android which you can download on your PC to enjoy streaming movies anytime. Below is the quick rundown of the top five movie streaming apps for Android that you can download on your PC as well.

1. Crackle

Crackle is a popular and widely used movie streaming app for Android which offers best movie streaming experience, owing to its user-friendly interface and plethora of amazing features. This application can be downloaded on any supportive Android devices and also in compatible PCs. Crackle application has multiple of choices in movies and allows you to pick your favourite series to stream online. The movie list is updated regularly for your convenience. You can download it from play store for using it on Smartphone.

2. ShowBox

ShowBox is the top ranking free movie app for Android and a personal favourite too. This movie streaming app allows the users to stream movies and catch their favourite TV series and watch other videos that this app has to offer. This movie streaming application can also be downloaded online from its website to be used on your PC. You can download the PC version here for free and enjoy accessing the plethora of options in movie streaming on PC.

3. Viewster

Viewster is also the highly searched movie app for Android that comes with the similar feature like ShowBox. It allows you to stream your favourite TV series and movies online not only on your Android device, but also on compatible Windows PC. However, the only prerequisite of this app is online connectivity which is required to stream movies on this app. With a single click users can start streaming their favourite movies on the larger screen of PC. 

4. TubiTV

It is undeniable fact that while streaming movies online you need to face the annoying Google ads which pop up in between, thereby interrupting your movie watching experience. But, this is not the case with TubiTV as it shortens the length of the ads in it and maximizes your overall streaming experience. Besides, it comes with the features that are similar to that of the ShowBox App and this includes constant up gradation of movie lists, different categorizations and more. You can enjoy it on PC too.

5. Hubi

The ultimate platform-neutral app for movie streaming, Hubi comes with its own dedicated video player which works across multiple platforms. This application is based on cloud backend, thereby faster uploading of movies is guaranteed. It also offers reliable options for picking by the movies and TV shows from search box faster. So, download hubi app and maximize your overall movie streaming experience online.        


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