Top Movie Streaming Websites 2018

Movies are one of the main things which we look for entertainment in and if you too are looking for all the best movies, then you definitely would turn into cinemas and start watching movies. However, if you are actually fed up of spending all along in the cinemas, then there is a best option for you and it is the best movie streaming sites which you can go to for sure.
Along with all the sources available online for you to full movies online for free without downloading, there actually are a lot of options for you and some of them include the top movie streaming sites which you would love to watch. You can actually find all the best movie streaming sites right here in this post. We have included all the best movie streaming sites in this post, so go ahead and check them out.


Crackle tops our list of movie streaming sites as it is the best place to watch free movies online. In partnership with Sony pictures they have made available numerous full-length movies you can watch for free. These are the famous movies featuring your all time favorite stars.  
The movies are of great quality and they look spectacular on any screen or monitor you are watching them on. However, there are some short-length commercial breaks during a feature length movie and you will have to sit through few commercials every once in a while.
Men In Black, Johnny Mnemonic, Wild Things, Fear X, Full Contact, Suspect, Identity, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Saving Silverman are some of the top movies featuring on Crackle.

Netflix is another great site for you to watch all your favorite movies. You actually get to enjoy all your favorite movies here and all you have to do is to just subscribe to a rental plan and that’s all. You would be able to watch all your favorite shows and movies here and not only that, but you can even enjoy all the shows you want here, right of that rental plan you subscribe for.

Tubi TV
Tubi TV is one of the best site out there if you are looking for shows and movies which you might actually not find elsewhere. You can easily download all your favorite shows and movies here for free and along with that, you can even stream all these shows for the plan you subscribe for. Along with that, you just don’t have to worry for any issues like ads or anything like that here in this site. So go ahead and try it out for sure.

Amazon no doubt is one of the best online services available on the internet and, yes, if you are looking for any good prime service, we would recommend you Amazon Prime over anything else. You can actually watch and enjoy all your favorite shows, movies and videos here in this site by just subscribing to an advanced rental plan and enjoying all those shows without any restrictions.

Cartoon hd is actually too good for you as it allows you to not only watch movies, but you can even enjoy all your favorite TV shows for free in this site. It even has an official app which lets you watch and stream your favorite shows and movies over your Android or ios devices for free. Not only can you watch these shows, but you can also download them for free in this site.


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