Download Xender for iMac or Macbook Laptop Full Guide

Download and Run Xender on Mac :  Xender is an awesome new app rocking in the market for quite some time by now. It is  file sharing or file transfer app available for Android, Ios, Windows Mobile OS devices and Windows too. But some of you might be using Mac devices like iMac with retina display or macbook pro or air. 

For your information, Apple has been introducing new updates to its software lately, but it was the Mac OS X Snow leopard version, in which Xender app got the new appearance and better and faster support. Some of you might think that Using Xender for Mac is not possible, but I am going to burst your myth by teaching you how to download Xender for Mac.

Xender App

Xender is basically an app to transfer files between your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices without the use of any data cable or Bluetooth. Besides, it's even approximately twenty times faster than Bluetooth, that makes it the primary option to transfer all files like images, videos, folders, documents, PDFs and games such as clash of lights. Almost any file can be shared through Xender. Apple devices like Mac and MacBook can share files through downloading and installing Xender on mac through an emulator like bluestacks.

Download Xender App for Mac OS on Apple Mac or MacBook

For downloading and running xender app on the mac you can follow the steps given below. There is a bluestacks emulator available for mac. We are going to use bluestacks for download xender for mac.

  •  First, you need to download Blue stacks app for mac from here.
  • Then you need to install the bluestacks app on your mac.
  • Open the bluestacks app on your MacBook or iMac.
  • You will be search bar on top, search xender in the search bar.
  • Now download and install Xender app from the store.
  • That's it, you have downloaded and installed xender app on your mac. Now start using it.
  • Using it is very easy. It's just like using it on android phone.

Download Xender for mac for transferring files from Ios to mac

You can send and receive various games and applications whether it be temple run or Shadow Fight 2 Mod and other games with all their files so they function correctly.

Phone Device (iOS) to PC/Laptop

1. Open Xender in your Android device, tap the “Connect PC” on the side menu and
2. Open in your Laptop/PC.
3. Scan the QR Code with your iOS device; both devices should be automatically connected.


1. On Xender choose Connect PC mode and turn on the Personal Hotspot.
2. Let your laptop join the Personal Hotspot created by your mobile device.
3. Open the link on the Xender (
4. Accept the permission on your mobile device, and you should be connected.

How to use Xender on Mac OS for transferring files?

You can watch this video for easy understanding of the above methods.

I hope you understood all steps and liked the post. And if you have any doubts in the method, you can comment below :)

GBWhatsApp MOD APK 2018 | Best modified WhatsApp Application

If you are android lover then surely WhatsApp is your most used android application. Indeed WhatsApp has the largest number of downloads over PlayStore. It's the most popular messaging & Sharing app. But limitations like you can send only a limited number of images, have basic privacy settings. Sometimes you might have wished if your WhatsApp can do more.

Here comes GBWhatsApp mod APK, well if you still don’t know about moded applications. Then you must know, its modified applications that give more features as compared to the official version. We have numerous third-party WhatsApp mods available all over the Internet. But, GBWhatsApp is the most popular one. Here we are going to talk on amazing features of GB WhatsApp mod application.

What is GBWhatsApp?

Its a third party application developed by Team GB. Its modified version of official WhatsApp application. The features greater user experience, more features and privacy option as compare to its official WhatsApp application. This WhatsApp mod has more than 1 million active downloads which tell how popular this mod is. There are various miss conceptions in people mind, with these mods. The GBWhatsApp APK is 100% safe to use on any Android smartphone. Here we have complete feature list of GB WhatsApp third-party application.


  • You can customize WhatsApp with various themes.
  • A user can Create unlimited stories.
  • One can send up to 90 photos to different persons at a single time.
  • You can customize chats, contact and many more with this app.
  • You will be able to change the application icon as well. So that no one knows you have WhatsApp installed.
  • A user can hide double tick, blue tick, online status and more.
  • It supports 100+ languages.
  • Block calls hide from any contact.

You can download GBWhatsApp apk from here, it's free to use. You can also restore the backup from your previous WhatsApp. To install this application you don’t need to root your device. But as a third party installation, you have to enable unknown source installation from the settings menu in your device.

Permissions to “Allow” while installing GBWhatsApp

  • Vibrate
  • Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Internet Access
  • Record Audio
  • Location Access
  • Access Storage
  • Access Wifi
  • Access Bluetooth
  • Access Camera
  • Access Mic
  • Access Background Tasks
Apart from this app, we have other popular WhatsApp mods as well eg. FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp etc. Currently, there’s v6.55 which came recently. You can check these APK’s too but we recommend you to use GbwhatsApp as its best mod ever. If you any query regarding installation and setting up this application. Just leave your comment below and we will try to resolve it.  

Download Xender App for PC Or Laptop (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) (With and Without Bluestacks)

Download Xender for PC, laptop for windows 7,8, 8.1 or 10 : If you are searching for link to download Xender app for computer, laptop or PC then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to give you exact procedure for downloading and installing xender on your PC. Earlier xender was available only on mobile and tablet devices. But now Xender app which is a type of flashshare app is available on PC, Computers and Laptops.

Xender is an awesome application to share files and apps such as cartoon hd movie between two devices available on platforms like android, iOS etc. on mobile and windows 7,8 and 10 on windows. Forget the old days when you have to find your data cable to transfer files between PC and android, and bluetooth to transfer files between your two android phones. Now flash sharing apps like Xender does the job for you at much faster speeds than bluetooth in fact 20x speed then bluetooth. 

Now xender app is also available on your PC via bluestacks in windows 10 and windows 7. It is easier than airdrop and faster tan NFC.You can download Xender APK for mobile use. And Download Xender App for PC is a a smart thing to do here.

How to download and run Xender app on PC or laptop?

Now, there are two ways to download the xender app on your pc or computer. First is via installing bluestacks and the second method is without installing bluestacks while the third method involves use of Web client to transfer your files between android and PC. Let's get started with method 1 to install and use xender via bluestacks.

Install and Use Xender on PC using bluestacks emulator

  • First of all, download bluestcks on your PC or laptop using this link.
  • Install bluestacks emulator on your Windows PC.
  • Open bluestacks emulator. It wiill have similar interface like  aand aandroid OS.
  • Now in its store search for Xender.
  • Now install the app from the store on the bluestacks emulator.
  • Now run Xender on your PC and transfer files like you used to share files in android.

Now we will ue the second method to install xender to install and use xender app on our PC. This method does not involve tthe use of blustacks.

Download and install Xender on PC without Bluestacks

  • In this method, we will use another emulator for PC or laptop called youwave.
  • Go ahead and download youwave emulator for pc using this link.
  • Once you have downloaded the setup of Youwave, it is now time to install it on your Laptop.
  • Install Youwave on your Laptop and find the location ‘C:\Users\[user-name]\YouWave\’. This is the location where you have to put the apk file of the app which you want to use. And in this case, you have to put Xender’s apk file here.
  • Now look for the ‘view’ option at the top side of Youwave. Click on ‘Redraw Icons’ and now you will be able to see Xender in the app menu.
  • Run the app and enjoy.
So,that was our second method to download xender for PC. Now we will be using Xeder web client in our third method to transfer files from android to PC without installing or using any emulator or software. Download Xender App fror android here.

Run Xender App on PC without download and install

The best part of this method is it runs on PC or laptop running on Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 or linux and even on Mac OS. ecause all you need is a browser on a computer.
  • Go to from yourr PC or laptop's browser.
  • Make sure your PC or laptop and android are connected on same Wifi network.
  • Now open xender app on your android phone.
  • Now select option of PC/ mac on your android phone.
  • Scan QR code on your PC from your android phone.
  • Now your android decvice is connected to your PC or laptop.
  • Now you can transfer files easily from android to pc or from pc to android without the downloading or installing of any application on PC.

So, that was it for the post of downloading and installing xender for pc. I hope you found the tutorial easy and quick. Share this post with your friends so that they can also transfer files quickly between various devices. If you have any doubts regarding any method you can post in the comment section below..

Xender for PC free download
Xender for PC windows download
Xender for Windows PC free download
Xender for PC Windows 7
Download Xender for PC
Xender for windows 8 download

CBD Oil - 5 Essential Benefits for your Health

Over 110 different chemicals, known as cannabinoids, account for the makeup of the Cannabis sativa plant. While many know the plant for it's more active component, THC, there may be another ingredient with major health benefits. If you would like to start using CBD oil today, check out this cbd oil review.
Here are just 5 of those properties and how they can benefit your health: 

1. Aides in Digestion 

This property can prove especially useful in some diseases where the appetite is suppressed. In some cases, this suppressed appetite can bring the body to a point where it is unable to heal itself, leading to more illness. Cannabidiol is a proven appetite stimulant, according to the National Cancer Institute. Keeping a healthy appetite will not only make for a healthier body, but also for a healthier mind. 

Cannabidiol is a medical miracle, having numerous benefits to both the healthy and those in need of treatment. It's been recognized for its usefulness throughout the history of medicine to cure disease and is now beginning to receive recognition for its amazing properties. 

2. Anxiety Relief 

CBD interacts with several different receptors in the brain and is being studied for its effects on mental disorders, such as anxiety. In a recent study published in the Journal of Phsycopharmacology, it was stated that subjects reported reduced feelings of anxiety after treatment that was followed up by brain scans. These scans ultimately proved this change noted by participants. Another study published in Neuropsychopharmacology said that there could be a correlation between CBD and the regeneration of hippocampus neurons, a part of the brain that seems to be smaller in anxiety patients. 

3. Pain Relief 

CBD works in a system called the endocannabinoid system to regulate pain. Instead of dealing with pain directly, CBD effects how other compounds interact in the body and, in turn, the amount of pain a patient feels. For instance, anandamide is a compound that is associated with pain reception in the body. CBD prevents the absorption of this compound into the body, which has its effect on pain. CBD's many uses in the endocannabinoid system makes it a very effective analgesic.

4. Cardiovascular Health

A recent study shows that CBD can have specific, targeted effects on the cardiovascular system. CBD can have vasorelaxation effects on preconstricted arteries and can also reduce the response to different stressors at varying levels. It can also reduce the damage done by blocked arteries in models of strokes because of its ability to maintain blood flow in the brain.

5. Preventing Cancer

A study recently published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology stated that Cannabidiol has "anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic" effects. This means that it can stop the proliferation of rapidly growing cells, such as cancer, and it can encourage cell death, also called apoptosis, in cells that are proliferating rapidly. While these are promising results, these are early studies and still need further testing to prove any real human results. 

How to install Rainmeter skins on Windows?

Rainmeter skins are an awesome way to give your windows laptop or PC home screen a stylish look. There are mainly two different ways for installing Rainmeter Skins which are downloaded from the Internet:-
  • Manually:- If the file you have downloaded is a .rar/.zip/.7z archive then you just have to unzip the archive file into the Rainmeter Skins folder and refresh it.
  • Automatically:- If the file you downloaded is in .rmskin format then you have to double-click the .rmskin file and then click on the install button.

Manually Installing the Rainmeter Skins: 

Before the launch of the Rainmeter 1.3 version, most of the available skins were had to be first unzipped and then moved to the Skins folder. Each and every version of Rainmeter comes with 100% backward-compatible due to which, older skins will still work smoothly. Below mentioned is the procedure for installing them:-

To begin with, if a skin comes in a ZIP, 7Z or a RAR file, then there is a need for a software to extract them. 7-Zip is immensely popular and recommended software as it handles almost every archive type available. When finished with the installation process, right-click on the archive to extract it.
It may include a readme.txt file with more guidance and instructions. If not, just look for the same folder named as skin because it might be found inside another folder named as "Skins". Paste the folder into the Rainmeter "Skins" folder.

In the final step, right-click the windows of Rainmeter notifications area icon appeared and select the button named Refresh all. Now you can see the new Skins available to load from the context menu and manage windows.

Automatically Installing the Rainmeter Skins:

The Skins which are in a Rainmeter Skin Packager, that is (.rmskin) format can be simply and automatically installed with the help of Rainmeter Skin Installer. While performing a Rainmeter installation, the Skin Installer program is associated with the .rmskin extension and with just an easy double-clicking it will get installed in the Rainmeter.

This dialog will list each and every essential component that will be going to install. That may include:-
  • Skins: Not more but at least one Skin will definitely be comprised and installed in the Rainmeter/ Skins folder. The author may indicate that one or more Skins will be automatically added when the process of installation will be finished.
  • Plugins: The appropriate 32 bit/ 64-bit architecture plugin version .dll files will be automatically installed into the Rainmeter/Skins folder if the author has installed the custom Plugins to the package safely.
  • Addons: Add-ons will be installed by themselves in the Rainmeter/Skins if the author has securely added addon executable files along with the package.

If by chance any of the Skins to be installed already do exist, they will be automatically moved to a special Backup folder just before the installation. This might get disabled by you while unchecking the Backup skins in the Advanced pull-down menu option.
Click Install in order to complete the process of installation of the package.

How to Stay Connected as well as Password Protected at a time on different Social Networks on Android?

The world is moving at a great pace and everyone seems busy in keeping up with that pace. We’ve all got so much to do but we usually get carried away in different daily errands and find no time to socialize or spend time with our friends. But that’s part of our life and hard to run away from. This century we live in has its perks and demerits to settle with and the best thing one could do is adjust to it no matter what. It's like having everything and still having nothing. 

We got tons of friends on Facebook but we do not have the time to communicate. We have thousands of thoughts and emotions in our heads but we fail to express them. However, there always exists a solution for every problem and in this case; there exists an app that can fulfill your daily dose of entertainment through socializing. 

What if I told that there exists an app that lets you use multiple social media apps within a single vault app? Exactly! Such thing is now possible. This app goes by the name ‘Social Media Vault’ that has the ability to provide with up to 50+ socializing apps including the topmost apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Imaging using so many different types of apps through a single app’s interface? Wouldn’t that be a sight, we’re sure it would be! Such option was considered to be rare but not anymore as the modern day has its own perks as now everything is being altered as per the needs of the masses.

Also read : How you can run aptoide app on iOS?

The best thing about this app is that you are not bound to install any of the social media apps on your device. All you need to no do is install one app (which is social media vault itself) and start using all your favorite apps with complete peace of mind. But that’s not all! Social Media Vault on google playstore also allows you to use its feature by the name ‘Hide App Icon’. In this feature, you may continue using this app without fearing that anyone may find its icon. There goes another threat which used to haunt us in the past. Another important feature of this app is called ‘Panic Switch. In everyday life, we face multiple moments when you are surfing social media websites and suddenly someone arrives and may or may not peak into your surfing activity. But such threat is also eliminated from the existence of this feature. All you need to do is shaking, flick or place your palm on the screen to instantly switch to another app (in case if someone arrives at a bit unsuitable time). 

To give you a better understanding, please take a look at some of the apps social media vault lets you use:

Apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Gmail, Outlook Mail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, 9Gag, Buzz Feed, imgur, MySpace, SoundCloud, Digg, Path, Dailymotion, Netflix and many more.

How to Install Kahoot App And Sign up on it?

Kahoot is a platform for making studies interactive and interesting. It makes different subjects fun to learn with a game based approach. Each subject involves different quiz game meant to make learning of the subject fun and interactive and so that students can actually learn instead of mugging up things. You might be here because you want to know how to install and sign up on kahoot app and how to start using it. Keep reading the post to know.

How to Download And Install Kahoot App?

This app is an awesome way to learn. Especially if you are a kid. Though, Kahoot version is available officially on play store, you might want to download its apk file to install it in future, to do so, you can get kahoot app from the link given. You can go to the link and click on download button to start downloading the button, and then you can install the app on your android smartphone. 

How to Sign Up And Start Playing Quiz On Kahoot?

First of all, download and install the game on your phone. Now, open the app. Morever, you can also go to website where also you can play the quiz.

The first time you play it, there will be a prompt to sign up. Sign up there and enter your details like email and username to get started and playing Quiz.

You can sign up on Kahoot as student, teacher, socially and Work mode too.

After clicking on sign up on website, click on "Create a new kahoot".

Then choose from options of Jumble, Discussion, Quiz or survery.

That's it, after setting new nick name you can start playing.

Kahoot App Features

Kahoot app is a revolutionary app which will hopefully change the way of studying. It has following Awesome and distinct features :
  • Take new challenges and challenge other players.
  • Play Quiz in single player mode.
  • Play games hosted in a group.
  • A variety of subjects to play Quizzes.
  • Points and medals for winning quizzes.

Kahoot App Info

  • Latest Update : 12th February 2018
  • Required Android Version : 4.4 and up
  • Developer : Kahoot!
  • Size : 10.17 MB
  • Installs : 5,000,000 - 10,000,000

For people like us who find joy in playing quizzes and want to learn something new everyday it's the perfect mobile app. People I referred it to are still thanking me to refer this awesome app. It's a job well done by Kahoot developers.

I hope guys you enjoyed the article and if you faced any problem during any process feel free to comment below and if you have any suggestion you can post them in comments. Share this article with your friends and help them to download and sign up on kahoot app and start playing their fvourite quizzes.

5 Best Movie Apps for Android

TV or Movie watching is always the ultimate break way of entertainment for most of the people today in this digitally advanced world. Streaming movies online is the favourite time pass for many. Regardless of what your interest is, movie streaming on PC or on your handheld devices is for sure will be one amongst the list. Besides, streaming movies and TV shows online, people are now downloading the dedicated movie apps on their PC and Smartphone. This is because it gives them the freedom to watch movies for free as per their convenience. There are multitudes of movie apps for Android which you can download on your PC to enjoy streaming movies anytime. Below is the quick rundown of the top five movie streaming apps for Android that you can download on your PC as well.

1. Crackle

Crackle is a popular and widely used movie streaming app for Android which offers best movie streaming experience, owing to its user-friendly interface and plethora of amazing features. This application can be downloaded on any supportive Android devices and also in compatible PCs. Crackle application has multiple of choices in movies and allows you to pick your favourite series to stream online. The movie list is updated regularly for your convenience. You can download it from play store for using it on Smartphone.

2. ShowBox

ShowBox is the top ranking free movie app for Android and a personal favourite too. This movie streaming app allows the users to stream movies and catch their favourite TV series and watch other videos that this app has to offer. This movie streaming application can also be downloaded online from its website to be used on your PC. You can download the PC version here for free and enjoy accessing the plethora of options in movie streaming on PC.

3. Viewster

Viewster is also the highly searched movie app for Android that comes with the similar feature like ShowBox. It allows you to stream your favourite TV series and movies online not only on your Android device, but also on compatible Windows PC. However, the only prerequisite of this app is online connectivity which is required to stream movies on this app. With a single click users can start streaming their favourite movies on the larger screen of PC. 

4. TubiTV

It is undeniable fact that while streaming movies online you need to face the annoying Google ads which pop up in between, thereby interrupting your movie watching experience. But, this is not the case with TubiTV as it shortens the length of the ads in it and maximizes your overall streaming experience. Besides, it comes with the features that are similar to that of the ShowBox App and this includes constant up gradation of movie lists, different categorizations and more. You can enjoy it on PC too.

5. Hubi

The ultimate platform-neutral app for movie streaming, Hubi comes with its own dedicated video player which works across multiple platforms. This application is based on cloud backend, thereby faster uploading of movies is guaranteed. It also offers reliable options for picking by the movies and TV shows from search box faster. So, download hubi app and maximize your overall movie streaming experience online.        

Is lucky patcher apk download possible? How?

Are you the one who constantly face the problem when you make efforts to download a particular app? Then now you do not have to worry and tense yourself as this article entail all the important information regarding this problem. The lucky patcher apk download app lets you successfully download the app of your wish without any disturbance. The app is very popular as it serves most of the amazing features to the users. Some of them are given below and the procedure to download the app is also given in this article.

Some of the features of the app are:

Helps in conversion

You might have experienced when you format the Smartphone, the whole of your apps or some of the apps get vanished off. Because of this, many people have to face the problem, and they also get irritated and annoyed frequently. In this case, the lucky patcher app seems to be best as it converts all the apps into system apps. This allows them to store their important and favorite app for a longer duration of time.

Back up facility

This amazing version let the user back up all the important files, images and videos without any problem. All your favorite apps and important documents get back up you can access them easily any time you wish to have them. You can even play your favorite game from the level you left it the last time after you have successful restart the Smartphone. You will not get this incredible backup facility in any other app as only some of the app provides the best facility to costumers.

Custom patches 

You will be able to use many custom patches that let you change some of the features of your favorite app. The lucky patcher app provides facility to choose the location according to your need and requirement.

Surpass license verification

We all know that certain app requires special license verification before the individual download the app. this leaves them in constant confuse whether to download the app or not. With the help of the apk app, you will be able to download that app as the license verifications get surpass down. Now, the applications can be downloaded easily and can be run with more comfort and ease. Get rid of the process using the latest version of lucky patcher.

The Free app

Your wish of free purchasing the app can be easily fulfilled using the lucky patcher apk. Now you do not have to pay a huge sum of money for downloading any specific app. With the help of it, 80% of the apps available at the store gets hacked easily that let you download the app comfortably.

Remove advertisements

Many people complain that they do not like ads as they suddenly get popped up in between. This ad not only irritates them but also annoy them frequently, because of it, they uninstall the app quickly or immediately. But with the help of lucky patcher, you will be able to remove the advertisements and other pop up notifications comfortably. This amazing feature makes the app much more interesting and useful for the users. All the ads that hinder, in your entertainment get fully rid of using this app.

Procedure to download the app:

The procedure given below let you download the app in the simple step by step process. Read all the steps carefully.

  • Go to the official website, and click the lucky patcher app download. 
  • The apps start getting downloaded quickly as the space required by it is too small. 
  • Now, you need to go back and open the phone setting section and click on the security button. 
  • Enable all the unknown sources that will ultimately let you download any particular app from unknown sources. 
  • Notification will automatically pop up on your mobile screen that shows downloading of files. 
  • Simply tap on that file, and after that, you have to click on apk installation button. 

Now you know the importance of this lucky patcher apk download, so get it soon. 

Kmart app Download On your android Smart phone

Kmart Corporation is an American big box department store chain. The company known as Kmart was incorporated in 1916 while the first Kmart Store was open in 1962. By the year of 2000, Kmart operates 2,171 stores which actually include 105 super Kmart Centre locations. In the year 2005 the Kmart store count was at 1,416 which include 55 super Kmart center locations. And by the year 2017 the Kmart only operates 510 stores and one Super Kmart Centre location remaining.

Kmart APP

With millions of products at your fingertips, the Kmart APP is must have for any savvy shopper looking for ridiculously awesome savings, coupons and special offers while on the go. The Kmart APP allows you to earn 5 $ coupon code when you download the app. You guys can enjoy the free shipping when you will place the order on the Kmart APP while in the store.

The Kmart APP allows you to keep track of everyday essentials and you must save it for later with your list feature. However, you can also check out the Weekly Ads for deals and offers near you. You can avail the coupons whenever you want just save the coupon to your profile to avail them later. Kmart APP has a large amount of collection and it allows you to Shop Online and pick up your order right from store.

Some Cool Kmart APP Features

What's cool about the Kmart app is you can score freebies every Friday with the Free Friday Fix. You just have to manage your Layaway contracts and make payments with an ease. You can download the Kmart APP from the website and get the 5$ coupon code free. 

Bluelight Specials

Kmart APP became known for its "Bluelight Specials". These will occurred at surprise moments when a store walker light up mobile light and offer a discount in a specific department of the store.

Shop Smarter on Kmart APP

You can find the right products much faster and easier compare to others by features, prices as well as user reviews. You can find what you need and which stores near you carry the product which you need. See what consumers reports have to say about the products you shop.
The Smart browsing feature in Kmart APP reminds you to look those items which you already looked at.

Save more using Kmart APP

Now after the Bluelight Specials alert you guys can save more with discounts. Shop and get your shopping points, exclusive member coupons and much more. 
You will definitely receive the free Friday fix, only on the Kmart APP. Free shipping is available on all the items you order while you visit the store.

Shop Faster with Kmart App

Layaway & Go allows you to scan multiple items and start a layaway right on your smartphone. You guys can also shop your local store ad for weekly specials.
The most awesome benefit of using Kmart APP is you can buy any item on the app and get it Free with in the Store pickup.

Track Seamlessly on Kmart APP

Check your order status and track shipping, delivery or returns information. And hence, make Layaway payments and manage it. However you can save items for the later lists or add them to you wish list and also you guys can get gift cards easily.

This is all about the Kmart APP. You can download Kmart APP from the link and get 5$ coupon code with it. If you guys think we have forget anything related to the Kmart APP than do let us know about it in the comment section. Let’s discuss about the Kmart app and store. 

Top 5 movie streaming sites free

Movies are the best source of entertainment and if you are also looking for the best movies, then there is no doubt that you would be looking for these movies and if you really don’t want to spend any more money on cinemas and all, then there is a great option for you to watch these movies online as we have the best movie streaming sites here for you from where you can watch all your favorite movies for free and without even registering for any service.
You can easily watch all your favorite movies from all these sites which we would be sharing, so let’s start with the list. You can easily stream all the movies from the sites to watch movies online for more info click here. So, let’s go through these sites.


Fmovies is a great site for you to watch movies for free and along with that, you even get to watch all your favorite TV shows for free over this site. Not only that, but you can even search for the movies from the search bar for better navigation and along with that, you get to choose among a lot of servers which makes it easier for you to search for all the movies which you would want to watch. You can watch them for free form this site.

Xmovies8 is also a great site for you where you can easily watch and download any of the movies, be it new or old for free. Along with that, you would even get to choose from a lot of servers which means you can easily watch any of the movie which you want. You can also enjoy any of the Hollywood or Bollywood movie from this site for free and if you want, you can even download them right away and watch it anytime on your mobiles or PCs.


If you are an Indian resident and are already crazy about all the movies, then Hotstar is the best option for you. You can easily watch all the movies here and along with that, you even get to enjoy all the TV shows and Indian dramas which you really can’t find elsewhere. Along with that, you can even switch to premium version of this website which gives you access to all the movies, shows and other dramas limitlessly. Go ahead and try it for sure.

YIFY Streaming

YIFY streaming wasn’t a really famous movie site for a long time, but with time, this site really came into the limelight as all the best movies are featured here for free. You can watch any of the movie here for free and that too in 720p quality, which you can’t really find elsewhere. This site gives you access to all the movies, be it new or old. Along with that, you can even download movies from here for free. 


Movierulz is a totally new site, but you can actually watch all your favorite movies for free, and not only that, but you can even watch Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil and other genre of movies here for free. You can get to choose among a lot of servers from this site and watch them for free. This site is not to old and along with that, you even get a live chat support and that too 24*7 without any issues. Go ahead and give this site a shot for sure. 

Top Movie Streaming Websites 2018

Movies are one of the main things which we look for entertainment in and if you too are looking for all the best movies, then you definitely would turn into cinemas and start watching movies. However, if you are actually fed up of spending all along in the cinemas, then there is a best option for you and it is the best movie streaming sites which you can go to for sure.
Along with all the sources available online for you to full movies online for free without downloading, there actually are a lot of options for you and some of them include the top movie streaming sites which you would love to watch. You can actually find all the best movie streaming sites right here in this post. We have included all the best movie streaming sites in this post, so go ahead and check them out.


Crackle tops our list of movie streaming sites as it is the best place to watch free movies online. In partnership with Sony pictures they have made available numerous full-length movies you can watch for free. These are the famous movies featuring your all time favorite stars.  
The movies are of great quality and they look spectacular on any screen or monitor you are watching them on. However, there are some short-length commercial breaks during a feature length movie and you will have to sit through few commercials every once in a while.
Men In Black, Johnny Mnemonic, Wild Things, Fear X, Full Contact, Suspect, Identity, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Saving Silverman are some of the top movies featuring on Crackle.

Netflix is another great site for you to watch all your favorite movies. You actually get to enjoy all your favorite movies here and all you have to do is to just subscribe to a rental plan and that’s all. You would be able to watch all your favorite shows and movies here and not only that, but you can even enjoy all the shows you want here, right of that rental plan you subscribe for.

Tubi TV
Tubi TV is one of the best site out there if you are looking for shows and movies which you might actually not find elsewhere. You can easily download all your favorite shows and movies here for free and along with that, you can even stream all these shows for the plan you subscribe for. Along with that, you just don’t have to worry for any issues like ads or anything like that here in this site. So go ahead and try it out for sure.

Amazon no doubt is one of the best online services available on the internet and, yes, if you are looking for any good prime service, we would recommend you Amazon Prime over anything else. You can actually watch and enjoy all your favorite shows, movies and videos here in this site by just subscribing to an advanced rental plan and enjoying all those shows without any restrictions.

Cartoon hd is actually too good for you as it allows you to not only watch movies, but you can even enjoy all your favorite TV shows for free in this site. It even has an official app which lets you watch and stream your favorite shows and movies over your Android or ios devices for free. Not only can you watch these shows, but you can also download them for free in this site.

Lucky Patcher IOS Download For Apple Devices (Ipad & Iphone)

Lucky Patcher is a great tool and app for android to hack and patch apps, block unwanted ads, modify permissions of an application or backup apps etc. Well, the sad part is it was originally made for android and IOS users might want to try lucky patcher app on their ios devices like iphone, ipad etc. If you are looking for lucky patcher ios download, don't worry, you have come to right place.

Lucky Patcher Download For IOS devices

Lucky patcher is a very cool app which gives you access to all the features of every app and you can even unlock some new features, get free in-app purchases and do many tweaks and truly experience the modded android experience. You can download lucky patcher for android from, for downloading in ios continue reading the post till the end.

Lucky Patcher Application Info

  • App name : Lucky Patcher
  • Platform : Android/iOS
  • Downloads : 6 million+
  • App Size : 6-7 MB
  • App Developer : Chelpus

Lucky Patcher App for IOS Features

Following are the features offered by lucky patcher app on your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad :
  1. Remove ads from apps.
  2. In-app purchases for free.
  3. Applications from phone storage can be moved to SD card.
  4. Convert any application to system app.
  5. Create back-up of apps.
  6. Custom patches can be installed on an application.

How to install Lucky Patcher app on IOS (iPhone or iPad)

Actually lucky patcher currently is officially available for android only, you can try this method to run it for iOS devices. It may not run on iOS devices as it was officially made for android devices only so you need to know it.

  • Download and Install iPadian on your iOS device from site (official site)
  • Once downloaded on your iPhone and iPad, open the app.
  • Search For "Lucky Patcher" on the app on your apple device.
  • Once you get the results click on the original app and tap to install it.
  • That's it, you will get the app on your iOS device.
This was an easy guide on installing Lucky Patcher on IOS device. Now you will be able to install it and hack in-app purchases on your iOS device too. It is updated every month so you can download upcoming updates of Lucky Patcher from our Site. I hope you liked this post and our site.

3 Basic Tips To Prevent A DDoS Attack

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are always in top headlines worldwide, as they are plaguing websites in banks, and virtually of almost every organization having a prominent online presence. The main cause behind the proliferation of DDoS attacks is that there is a very low-cost that the attacker has to incur to put such attack in motion. Fortunately, today various prevention methods have been developed to tackle such attacks. Before delving further into understanding about the ways to prevent DDoS attack, let’s first understand what exactly a DDoS attack is!

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Understanding DDOS Attack

A DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack is an attempt made by attackers to make computers’ resources inaccessible to its anticipated user. In order to carry out a DDOS attack the attackers never uses their own system; rather they create a network of zombie computers often called as a “Botnet” – that is a hive of computers, to incapacitate a website or a web server.

Let’s understand the basic idea! Now, the attacker notifies all the computers present on the botnet to keep in touch with a particular site or a web server, time and again. This increases traffic on the network that causes in slowing down the speed of a site for the intended users. Unfortunately, at times the traffic can be really high that could even lead to shutting a site completely.

3 Basic Tips to Prevent a DDoS Attack

There are several ways to prevent the DDOS attack; however, here in this guest post I’ll be covering three basic tips that will help you to protect your website from the DDoS attack.

1. Buy More Bandwidth.

One of the easiest methods is to ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth on your web. You’ll be able to tackle lots of low-scale DDOS attacks simply by buying more bandwidth so as to service the requests. How does it help? Well, distributed denial of service is a nothing more than a game of capacity. Let’s suppose you have 10,000 computer systems each distributing 1 Mbps directed towards your way. This means you’re getting 10 GB of data that is hitting your web server every second. Now, that’s causes a lot of traffic!

So to avoid such issue, you need to apply the same rule intended for normal redundancy. According to this technique, if you wish to have more web servers just multiply around diverse datacenters and next make use of load balancing. By spreading your traffic to various servers will help you balance the load and will most likely create large space adequate to handle the incessant increase in traffic.
However, there’s a problem with this method that is buying more bandwidth can be a costly affair. And as you’ll know that the current DDoS attacks are getting large, and can be a lot bigger exceeding your budget limit.

2. Opt for DDoS Mitigation Services.
A lot of network or Internet-service providers render DDoS mitigation capabilities. Look for an internet service provider having the largest DDoS protection and mitigation network, automated tools, and a pool of talented anti-DDoS technicians with the wherewithal to take action in real-time as per the varying DDoS attack characteristics. A viable alternative is to utilize a DDoS prevention appliance, which is specifically intended to discover and prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks.

3. Restricted Connectivity.
In case you have computer systems that are connected to the web directly, a better idea is to properly install/configure your routers and firewall so as to limit the connectivity. For an instance, while receiving some data from a client machine you can only allow traffic to pass from the machine only on a few chosen ports (like HTTP, POP, SMTP etc.) via the firewall.

Wrapping Up!

Websites are largely getting attacked by hackers every second. Denial-of-service attack is insanely getting huge and is creating a lot of problems for business organizations having strong online vicinity. In this guest post you’ll not only understand what a DDoS attack actually means, but will also come to know about a few type of methods to prevent DDoS attacks. Aforementioned are three tips that I’ll recommend you to run through to at least understand where to get started towards building a resilient web network with chances of surviving a DDoS attack.
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