How To See Hidden E-mail Address On Facebook?

If you are here, you might be looking for how to check email address of a facebook account that is private. Well, facebook provides its users the option to hide their email address from others by switching email to private. But we will show you how to see hidden email address on facebook. By using this trick, you will know how to find facebook email address when it is hidden.

How to find someone's email on facebook if its private?

Facebook is a biggest social media network and its a biggest social media site. Millions of users visit daily on Facebook. It's the biggest network and its a biggest popularity platform.If you have your Facebook profile or fan page and you want to see that what email it is associated can see that what email is a facebook profile having and for this you don’t need any tool, you can this with short method that i will tell you in this post.

See a private profile email id on facebook

  • Go to in which xxxx is the username.
  • Then Go to when you are logged out.
  • There will be 3 options like this:
  • Enter your email or phone number.
  • Please enter your Facebook username.
  • Enter your name and the name of a friend.

Enter target’s ID or username on the box that says you to enter username.

Press Control+U to view Page Source Code.

Scroll down to the bottom to see target’s email in this format:

xxxxxx \

Replace \ u0040 with @ and you get victims ID

dhvani23\ , the original id is

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