Download Xender for iMac or Macbook Laptop Full Guide

Download and Run Xender on Mac :  Xender is an awesome new app rocking in the market for quite some time by now. It is  file sharing or file transfer app available for Android, Ios, Windows Mobile OS devices and Windows too. But some of you might be using Mac devices like iMac with retina display or macbook pro or air. 

For your information, Apple has been introducing new updates to its software lately, but it was the Mac OS X Snow leopard version, in which Xender app got the new appearance and better and faster support. Some of you might think that Using Xender for Mac is not possible, but I am going to burst your myth by teaching you how to download Xender for Mac.

Xender App

Xender is basically app to transfer files between your android, iOS , Windows and Mac devices without the use of any data cable or bluetooth. Besides, its even approximately twenty times faster than bluetooth, that makes it the primary option to transfer all files like images, videos, folders, documents, PDFs. Almost any file can be shared through Xender. Apple devices like Mac and macbook can share files through downloading and installing Xender on mac through an emulator like bluestacks.

Download Xender App for Mac OS on Apple Mac or macbook

For downloading and running xender app on mac you can follow the steps given below.There is an bluestacks emulator available for mac. We are going to use bluestacks for download xender for mac .

  •  First, you need to download Bluestackss app for mac from here.
  • Then you need to install the bluestcks app on your mac.
  • Open the bluestacks app on your macbook or iMac.
  • You will be search bar on top, search xender in the search bar.
  • Now download and install Xender app from the store.
  • That's it , you have downloaded and installed xender app on your mac. Now start using it.
  • Using it is very easy. It's just like using it on android phone.

Download Xender for mac for transferring files from Ios to mac

You can send and recieve various games and applications weather it be temple run or Shadow Fight 2 Mod and other games with all their files so they function correctly.

Phone Device (iOS) to PC/Laptop

1. Open Xender in your Android device, tap the “Connect PC” on side menu and
2. Open in your Laptop/PC.
3. Scan the QR Code with your iOS device; both devices should be automatically connected.


1. On Xender choose Connect PC mode and turn on the Personal Hotspot.
2. Let your laptop join the Personal Hotspot created by your mobile device.
3. Open the link on the Xender (
4. Accept the permission on your mobile device, and you should be connected.

How to use Xender on Mac OS for transferring files?

You can watch this video for easy understanding of the above methods.

I hope you understood all steps and liked the post. And if you have any doubts in the method, you can comment below :)

How to Use Xender on Android, Ios, Ipad, Iphone, PC or laptop (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)?

How to Use Xender on your Android phone or Iphone, PC or laptop?

Xender is an awesome app for transferring files between two devices. This post is for explaining new users how to use xender on smartphone running android android, iOS to transfer or share files between two devices easily and faster. so, lets get started on how to use Xender on your mobile phone or smartphone running android and iOS. You can use this tutorial to share files between your pc running windows 10 or 8 or 8.1 and android too.

Today’s world is the world of technology and smartphone, so one has to change according to technology. Now the data transfer methods are also changed. Xender is one of the fastest apps which is used for file, images, and data transfer. In Xender, the user can move data on speed from 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps. It could be more than that. Thus, Xender is very useful app for transfer of files across android or iOS devices or even PC.In this post you will get to know how to use xender or flashshare to transfer files between your android phones.

How to transfer files using Xender on Android?

Transfer of files using Xender on android devices involves use of wifi and personal wifi hotspot. So, make sure your android phone has wifi feature in it for the use of Xender. 

  • For sharing of files using xender, first of all, open Xender app on both the devices.
  • Click on rocket button as shown as below.

  • On clicking it, two options will be shown as below.

  • In one of the android phone, click on send and on other, click on recieve.
  • In the phone which you have clicked recieve option, will show your friend's name who have clicked send button.
  • Tap on it and two devices will be connected.
  • Now select the files, apps, images, videos you want to send on the other android device and click on send.
  • That's it, if everything goes right, files will be sent to other device.
To download 9apps apk you can go and visit and download from there.

How to share or transfer files from Android to PC using Xender?

  • Open the webpage on your PC running windows 10 or laptop in a browser.
  • It will show a QR code as shown as below on your PC or laptop.

  • Now open the Xender app on your android phone.
  • Now clicking on rocket button, click on PC/Mac Option as below.

  • Now click on scan and scan QR code on your desktop or laptop .
  • After scanning, it will show your phone's info on your PC/ Laptop.
  • Now to transfer file from android to your computer, browse to the file on your computer from Xender web and click on download option.
  • The file will be downloaded on your computer.
  • To transfer file from your Computer to android, go to respective section of your file and click on upload.
  • For example, if you wan to transfer an image from PC to android phone, go to images and click on upload image.
  • Select the file you want to share and click on open.
  • That's it the file will be transferred to your android device. 

How to transfer or share files on iOS devices using Xender?

Guide to transfer files on iOS devices will be coming soon.

I hope you have understood how to transfer files between your pc and android phone and two android phones. keep following our blog for Download Xender APK and Xender App tutorials.

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