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    Xender APK free download for android - This is a post for downloading free xender application app for android devices. Xender is popular among file transfer apps was earlier known as flash transfer or gionee xender. So you can also download gionee xender and flash share or flash transfer app. We will give you latest xender application apk along with xender apk download links and download flashshare. Xender apk file provided here is working. You can use this apk file provided in your android devices. You can download Xender app and start using it right away. So, if you are looking for download latest xender apk then you are at the right place.

    Xender is a file sharing app used to share images, videos, files, PDF, docs and other michelleneous files from one device to another. Xender uses wifi and WIFI hotspot to transfer files from one android mobile to another. The reason of it being popular is, it gives higher speed than any other way of transferring files, like Bluetooth. xender gives transfer speed from 1 Mbps to 20 Mbps depending on the type of file.This is the reason Xender is getting more and more popular among flashshare apps.

    Download Xender Apk latest version

    Some of the features due to which xender is preferable over other services are :
    • 200 Times more Speed than Bluetooth.
    • Xender Doesn’t use your mobile data.
    • Send & Receive any type of file, anywhere and anytime.
    • Supports Xender for Android, Xender for iphone and Windows.
    • No need for Any type of wire to transfer, It uses wireless Hotspot Connection to connect devices.
    • It also Play all types of audios and videos.

    Xender app free download Apk :

    Xender app can be downloaded by two ways : one is to download xender app diectly from play store using your android phone and other is to download xender apk and installing it. First, you should try and intsall xender from play store itseld and if it dont work, then download the apk file and follow the instructions to install it.

    1. Xender app download direct from play store

    To download xender app on your android pone, you need to open play stoe app on your mobile. From there, you need to search Xender and then you need to install the app from there.

    2. Download Xender App APK file

    Now you might be wondering, where to download xender apk file and how to install it after downloading apk of xender application. We are going to give you apk file and instructions to install Xender app.

    • First of all, Download Xender apk file from below :

    How to install xender apk file?

    • First of all go to settings in your phone. From there go to security and allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
    • Click on the downloaded xender apk file.
    • Click on install.
    • That's it. the Xender apk file is installed on your mobile phone.

    Xender App for Android Step-by-Step Guide

    Step 1: Download Xender App for Android from the above download link. Now, install the app by following the screen instructions.

    Step 2: After you have installed it, open the Xender Apk file, and now it will request you to fill the details of you as they demand and set up a profile for you.

    Step 3: Now your phone can send and receive files using Xender App on android.

    Step 4: To transfer file, first open the Xender app in both the device which needed to be connected.

    Step 5: After opening it, tap ‘connect friends’ and then ‘create group’ in Xender Apk.

    Step 6: Xender Apk will search for the nearby device and connect to them via notification.

    Step 7: Now, you can enjoy sharing files between the devices faster in Xender Apk than any other applications.

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    Download WhatsApp Plus App for Android

    Hello friends welcome to my blog today we are going to discuss about WhatsApp plus and the post written is on the WhatsApp plus and you will get ever information about WhatsApp plus in this blog in detail, this app contains much more features than the WhatsApp official app as WhatsApp plus is the moded version and it was designed or developed by Omar.

    He has also developed much more of the popular app and made it trending but WhatsApp plus is the most trending app among them. As this app is one of the most trending app among the trending apps, As this WhatsApp contains the features which the official WhatsApp was lagging so the name got the app WhatsApp plus you can hide the last seen blue tick and much-much more features that you can hide your online status.

    You can download WhatsApp plus latest version on your android device just go to the browser and search for it and get it done and installation is very easy as of the other apps. The mod is available on the internet for free of cost and you can download it directly without any issues.

    App info

    App name
    Whatsapp plus
    App type
    Instant messaging app
    40.9 MB
    Android 4.0 and above
    Package name
    2nd June 2017

    Features of Whatsapp plus for android

    Some of the features of Whatsapp plus are just amazing and we Whatsapp has never given these features in its official app. Whatsapp plus comes with the lots of most updated features. So, enjoy the new and amazing features of the Whatsapp plus in this modded version.

    Some of the features of Whatsapp plus are as follows :

    • ·      Now able to hide the last seen, blue tick, second tick.
    • ·      You can hide the typing status and online status.
    • ·      You can also show your online status for 24 hours even if you are not using the Whatsapp plus.
    • ·      You can disable all the voice calls.
    • ·      Now write 225 characters in the status.
    • ·      You can set theme with your desire.
    • ·      Customize the themes as much as you want.
    • ·      Send any format of file and the file type.
    • ·      Send up to 50 MB of video
    • ·      Send high resolution images without any clarity loss.
    • ·      Copy anyone’s status in the clipboard.
    • ·      HD voice and video call with your loved ones.

    Install Whatsapp Plus for your android phone

    1.    Download the app from the any of the site of your desire.
    2.    Install the app on your device.
    3.    Firstly turn on the unknown sources and install the app.
    4.    Now, take the backup of your messages of the old Whatsapp.
    5.    After completing the backup uninstall the app.
    6.    Now install Whatsapp Plus apk and open the Whatsapp+ for the android.
    7.    Enter the number you were previously using Whatsapp with.
    8.    Verify the number by the OTP manually if auto verification doesn’t works.
    9.    Now enter your details that are your profile name and Display picture on the profile. 

    Permissions required to install Whtaspp plus

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    How To Install imo On Android Device?

    IMO is an instant messaging service that offers chat, video and voice calling, group chats, and photo sharing features.These features can be seen in most of the instant messaging apps but imo is locked in its own platform so friends and family will have to join in order to chat.

    The app permits you to share photos and videos. It additionally offers free stickers, that is that the craze of the instant on instant electronic messaging apps. This can be turning into quite a requirement for these kind of apps.

    The app is cross platform so you can log into the service on Amazon, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It is also available on web browsers. 

    The Best thing about the app is that its very lightweight and hardly takes any space on your android device.

    How To Install This App:

    1.Go to the Google Play Store on your android device.
    2.On the top search bar search for ‘imo’.
    3.Download and Install the app.

    How To Signup on imo app:

    1.Open the app.
    2.Add in your phone number and verify it by the verification code.
    3.Enter Your Name and add a profile picture(optional).
    4.You have successfully registered.

    How To Use IMO app:

    1.After Installing you will have two tabs on your screen - Chats and Contacts.
    2.Swipe to the contacts view to see all your contacts currently registered on imo.
    3.To chat with someone all you have to do is click on their name and you will get 
       the chat screen then.
    4.The contacts which are not registered will be displayed with an invite box next 
        to their profile.

    Some Features of imo app:

    - Avoid SMS and phone call charges with imo: Send unlimited messages and make free video and voice calls with imo over your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. 
    - You can Make high-quality video and voice calls from your phone with imo 
    - Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others on imo app.
    - Share photos and videos with all your imo friends or contacts.
    -  You can send hundreds of free stickers with imo to your friends or contacts!
    - Encrypted chats, calls and video calls with imo.

    Aptoide IOS Download On iPhone, iPad, Apple devices

    Aptoide iOS download: Aptoide is an app basically available for android to download premium apps in the apk form. So basically, it is an app store where you can get all the apps which are available at a premium price on the play store at free. But aptoide can not be used directly on ios devices. In this post, we are going to teach how to download and use aptoide app market on your iPhone, iPad and basically on your all Apple devices making aptoide for iOS a pleasurable experience. So, go on keep on reading the post to get the aptoide for ios devices right here.

    Aptoide app is one of the largest android app store which is completely independent. This app store was launched on 2009 and made a big contribution to the Android platform. In 2011 it was incorporated as a by-product of CM Software, which is a renowned Open Source Company. 

    It has its unique style and there are lots of people working hard for this android app store. The app also provides a benefit to an end user such as providing the Aptoide client app. You can create a premium account in this store and premium users can create their shop and sell their applications in the marketplace.

    Certainly, the marketing places which these companies offer have many things that are going to cost you. Seriously, a payment is always required for good apps. You can't download these awesome apps without spending your money. However, we all are very much aware of this sad fact that phone without apps and tweaks is like a fish without water.

    Aptoide for IOS download trick

    Aptoide is basically available only for android as of now. So, you can not download aptoide for ios from app store as it gives direct competition to app store. You can note download aptoide for ios devices directly. For Aptoide iOS download for devices like iPhone, iPad, there is involved a complex process. Also, the install of aptoide will work safely on your ios device like a normal application.

    • First you need to open a search engine in your iphone or ios device browser. It will be better if you choose Google as your search engine.
    • Then search for the Aptoide Apk in the google and tap on search. The search result will come out with many websites, look for the official Aptoide site because there you will get the latest APK file to download. If you have downloaded the old version, you need to update the app again.
    • Now open the official site of Aptoide app and look for the download option. One you get it, tap on that to start downloading the file.
    • Now when the file is downloaded, tap on the option button located just above your round button of your iOS device.
    • Here you will find ‘add it to home screen’ option. Tap on it and rename it as ‘Aptoide’ and you are done. Aptoide app will be installed your iOS device.

    Aptoide IOS download for  iPhone, iPad (Non-Jailbreak devices)

    Here, we are giving you a technique for using aptoide app market for ios devices which are not jailbreak by owner. If you don't want to risk your device's safety or void your phone's or tablet's warranty, then this article is for you.

    As we have said earlier, aptoide app is only available for android as of now to direct download as of now and so you cannot download this app directly on your non jail-breaked iOS devices. However, there is still a way to use this app on non jail breaked devices.

    How to use Aptoide in Non- jailbreak IOS devices?

    To use aptoide ios app market for iphone or ipad which are non- jailbreak devices,  you have to use its in-browser app by opening in your safari browser but you would not be able to use any apps as they are downloaded in apk for which is not supported by ios devices. So you can just browse the store and see the apps in it. But you can not use any app from the store on your IOS device which not jail-break. If any other website claims that you can use aptoide directly on your ios devices, their claims are fake and you should not pay much attention to them.

    Aptoide app store download for jailbreak IOS devices


    Like the above image says, to use aptoide on your ios devices, you need a jailbreak ios device. After you have a jail break ios device, you need Cydia for iphone. For that, you need to download cydia by searching in google. Once, you have Cydia and a jailbreak ios device, you can install aptoide on your ios device without any problem. You need iFile from cydia and you also need installous or appcake or ifunbox. Thus, you are good to go.

    Now, go and install aptoide for ios from cydia for jailbreak iPhone or iPad using the steps on aptoide ios.

    Features of Aptoide IOS App Market

    Below are given some features about aptoide ios for apple devices and why you should install and use aptoide app store on your device. So, go ahead and install aptoide app market for ios.

    • Install the games completely for free.
    • Control the apps that you installed on your Phone.
    • Get the Distributor updates.
    • Make your internal applications available in a private Store.
    • Manage your download files, access to the stores and the updates using this app.
    • Don’t need to create an account to download the apps.
    • It listed near to about 64700 apps those are created by most talented developers.
    • This APK file is available for all the versions of the Android.
    • Users can get notified about the update instantly through the main interface of this application.
    • It is basically written in java which offers high security and protection from threats.
    • It’s totally available in 17 languages.
    • It is offered by GPU that is General public License which offers the rights to download the app for free and freedom to run, study, share and modify the apps listed in this store.
    Make sure to check out miitomo apk and no internet secured solution for windows 10.

    Conclusion :

    There are many app stores which offers premium and paid apps for free for android as well as ios. We have covered complete aptoide ios here. We will update and try to cover as many stores as soon as possible in our upcoming posts. Bookmark our website if you want those posts. Also, share this post with your friends so that they can also download this amazing app and take full advantage of it ;)

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